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The year is changing – goodbye 2022!

Another year is again almost over, and it is time for the Holiday season. You have booked the vacation, a stressful period of family Christmas has started already, or you can’t wait for the hoped-for traditions to repeat, as they do every year.

These few years, especially 2022, have been full of worry, but now it is the time for friends and family, the time for joy or silence, the way you prefer.

The year 2022 brings back unpleasant memories of the pandemic and war. Let’s resume with the other two subjects we want to highlight instead. Finally, we look forward to 2023, so keep reading!

Talk about the revival of air travel and fuel price

Since day one, Covid-19 has had an impact on Euroflites everyday life. In 2022, airlines faced a sudden staff shortage when people started traveling sooner than expected.

We were also in a new situation, solving problems caused by circumstances. Our specialty is that we can do what others can’t, so we found this cloud had a silver lining. Uncertainty also turned more eyes toward charter flights that represent – certainty.

Unfortunately, that was not that simple. We can affect a lot, but we can’t control everything. At the time, the fuel price started to rise, ending the era of lower prices during Covid. We had to offer transparency about our services, and later the media brought the issue to daylight.

Competition for short capacities (aircraft) increased between brokers. For this reason, air brokers couldn’t always provide the services clients wished to have. The price competition was fierce, and it is good to understand not to compromise on quality, especially if it concerns safety.

Busy fall and winter seasons in Sweden

If the year started with problem-solving, the other half was more about customer service in a broader area. We were happy to start working in Sweden, and Sweden will be in our minds even more next year!

It has been a joy to fly many sports teams to Europe this fall. Let’s hope every group’s season continues favorably. We cheer for everyone and continue to offer stress-free traveling experiences. Thank you, our customers, for using our services; it is our pleasure to fulfill your needs and dreams.

What will happen in 2023?

It is not yet the time for good news. European economists are speculating about the timing of the onset of a recession, and the coming winter will be more challenging than for a long time. The energy price increase affects aviation because fuel is the most significant cost factor.

We will continue expanding in a new market area. Despite increasing competition, Euroflite strives to offer its customers a wide range of services for cultural trips, business trips, and sports team travel, as it has done for many years.

Euroflite continues to work with Jetflite and JetLogistics, ensuring a full range of services for you. An example of this is the service concept EVENTLOG.

There is an excellent reason to stay tuned.

The uncertainty ahead prevents us from revealing much in advance. But we have found a solution for you who are interested in what we do and how we do it: Our Newsletter! Show your interest, mail your name, and e-mail for a subscription now; be the first to hear the news coming in 2023.

The year 2022 will be remembered in Euroflite for new customers for charter flights, uncertainty in the market, and the possibilities of the latest market area. Despite the turmoil and global uncertainty, Euroflite remains in business as usual: We can tailor an experience of a lifetime or plan a business trip with your success in mind. All over the world, and whenever you need!