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Air Charter forHumanitarian Work

At Euroflite, we are committed to supporting humanitarian work and disaster response. Our Nordic expertise and global network enable us to deliver prompt, reliable, and versatile charter solutions to assist humanitarian work in passenger and cargo transportation. Our capability to operate in diverse environments, including conflict zones, sets us apart.

As a group we have been serving the United Nations agencies, the Red Cross movement, NGOs and several governments. In urgent needs, we serve you 24/7 at

Our operations cover all seven continents, reflecting our global outreach and commitment to being where you need us, when you need us. We cater to every need, ensuring that no humanitarian need or crisis situation is beyond our reach.

Emergency Response and Aid Charter Services

  • Cargo transport – we carry everything needed for humanitarian purpose
  • Repatriation and evacuation flights in response to regional unrest
  • Medevac and Casevac with accredited private jets and a full medical team onboard
  • Deployment of specialist personnel for natural disasters, also in hostile environments

Ambulance Charter Available 24/7

We have two fully equipped, EURAMI-accredited ambulance business jets at our disposal, with a full aeromedical team on standby 24/7. We organise emergency response charters all around the world including Antarctica and conflict areas. 

We operate under EASA AOC issued by Finland. Our planes are registered in Finland.

Your Trusted Partner in Humanitarian Air Charter

As your trusted air charter solution provider, we make every effort to deliver timely and efficient services for every mission. Euroflite is more than just a service provider; we are your humanitarian partner in making a difference in the world, one flight at a time.

During natural disasters, conflicts or in the event of a pandemic or technological disaster, we are highly agile and flexible in coordinating humanitarian emergency response flights.

Wihuri Aviation – The Operators Behind Air Charter for Humanitarian Work

Wihuri Aviation, a leading Northern European supplier of aviation services, comprises Jetflite (air charter operator), Euroflite (air broker), and JetLogistics (cargo and logistics services provider). Our advantage through this collaboration is that we have both air charter operator and cargo and logistics capabilities needed to expand our operational footprint and enrich our service offering to you. We can effectively reach and deliver humanitarian aid across the globe.

Our aim has been, and still is, to say yes to challenges that most would give up on – be it destinations, schedules, or circumstances.

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Pauli Immonen

Head of Humanitarian, Aid and Relief