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ExperienceGroup Air Charter

Sports Teams, Corporate Trips, Music Tours, Cruise Flights, Seasonal Group Travel. The list of clients that we have assisted with commercial aircraft is extensive. But every mission is unique.

Group charter is a complex undertaking, that can involve a large number of passengers. Multi leg destinations. Delicate cargo and strict schedules to adhere to. 

Our group charter team can assist with everything from sourcing the most effective commercial aircraft solution to being on the ground assisting your passengers when boarding. 

Sports & Entertainment

We have had the pleasure of flying Football Teams, Hockey Teams, Olympians, Film Crews, Bands on tour and many more. And although it’s a challenging task to undertake, it is incredibly rewarding every time. 

We know that travelling for competitions or for intense filming schedules can be exhausting, so we can arrange to have a member of our team travel with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly both on the ground, and in the skies, alongside our 24/7 operations team overseeing your flights at our head office in Helsinki.

Understanding that branding is also incredibly important on these flights is something we also excel at. That’s why you can expect branded items with your logos or colours on board every flight.

Usually the best time for contacting us with a quote request is 2-4 months before the departure. If you’re running late, no need to worry. We have implemented flights within hours and days. Read the case where we chartered an aircraft for a sports team to go to multiple destinations within just 3 days before departure.

Corporate & Tourism

Having worked with large corporations (including our own group) for many years, we understand that requirements can change. One day you are flying your team with full corporate branding on board to an international destination as a company perk, the next you have to fly your board member to a meeting on a smaller jet. Rest assured, we are here to help. Whether it’s an airliner or a private jet.

For the tourism industry we look at a not only a variety of aircraft options, but also charter solutions. You may require one aircraft for a one way trip, which ad-hoc charter would suit. Or you may require more aircraft to perform daily trips for a season, which ACMI would suit. Regardless of your requirements, our team is experienced in the plethora of solutions available to clients needing an aircraft on a more long terms basis.