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ExperiencePrivate Air Charter

Why choose Euroflite to Charter a Jet?

We know you’ve heard it before… ‘unique’, ’boutique’, ‘personal’…

So how is Euroflite actually different to the other brokerages available?

Well, being a part of a bigger organisation has its perks. About 50 years worth of them in fact.

With an AOC (Thanks to our sister company Jetflite), a fleet of owned aircraft for AOG recovery anywhere in the world* and a 24/7 customer support team behind us, we genuinely do set ourselves apart when it comes to Private Jet Charter. We utilise over 50 years worth of experience and multiple safety accreditation’s to provide the most honest and reliable service that we can to our clients. All with that personalised Nordic touch (and yes, even with personalised candies with your name on them if you desire).

Available to clients globally, no destination is too far and no request is too challenging.