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Aircraft on Ground (AOG): Why It Matters to Your Air Charter Experience

When you choose to charter an aircraft with us, your journey’s comfort, efficiency, and safety are our highest priorities. Behind every smooth takeoff and flight lies a foundation of precision, expertise, and rapid response, especially when faced with unexpected challenges. A critical aspect of this preparedness is managing Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations. But why should this matter to you?

What Is Aircraft on Ground (AOG)?

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) occurs when an aircraft cannot fly due to several reasons ranging from technical issues to crew sickness. This situation presents challenges for everyone involved – the operator, airlines, passengers, air freight senders, FBO’s, the list goes on. A grounded aircraft can lead to delays, cancelled flights, and dissatisfied customers, causing significant inconvenience. However, how an AOG situation is handled can make a difference to a passenger’s experience.  

There are a few other terms you may hear around the world or in different settings, such as; ‘Gone Tech’ or ‘Grounded’.

Why Should You Care About AOG?

Aircraft on Ground situations directly affect the punctuality and reliability of your scheduled flights. It could be a minor delay or, in the worst-case scenario, a cancelled flight. For air charter customers who rely on these services for urgent or critical travel, any delay can cause major setbacks. Missing an important business meeting, a once-in-a-lifetime event, or causing delays in time-sensitive cargo delivery are just some ways AOG can affect your plans well beyond simple airport delays.

AOG is a term that no airline likes to hear, signifying an aircraft unexpectedly out of service. However, it’s a reality of aviation, where the complexity of aircraft and the imperative of safety can lead to unforeseen delays.

Every broker has different abilities and policies surrounding AOG’s. It is important to know before choosing a broker, because the last thing you want is being stranded if the unfortunate AOG situation was to happen. 

What Can We Do to Help? What is our AOG Policy?

Unlike many brokers who might feel powerless in an AOG scenario, our approach is distinctively proactive.

So what is our AOG policy? 

We will never leave you stranded.

One of the key advantages of being part of Wihuri Aviation is our access to our sister companies Jetflite AOG Assistance, operating 24/7. Jetflite’s AOC (Air Operating Certificate) and EASA Part-145 certification guarantees our ability to perform AOG recovery on a fleet that we have full control of and a shared operations teams to ensure the quickest recovery possible. In the event that the Jetflite fleet is unavailable or too far away, our 24/7 team will be on hand to source the best option available to get you on your way. 

Not only do we as a broker have this policy for our clients but we have also assisted clients when their aircraft, not booked by us, have gone AOG and the operators or brokers refuse to help. 

As your dedicated team, we understand the importance of every detail in crafting a smooth travel experience. Being prepared for AOG situations is something that we feel is a basic requirement to ensure that you can always reach your end destination. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about ensuring that every moment of your journey is as seamless as possible. That’s our promise to you. Experiencing Air Charter, The Nordic Way. 

In an AOG situation, you can contact the Euroflite team on +358 20 510 1900 or via email