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How toCharter an Aircraft

Chartering an aircraft may sound like a complex challenge but it can be a much calmer experience when choosing the brokerage to assit you. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an regular flyer, using a brokerage can have many benefits in guiding you to choosing a reliable and most importantly – safe, charter solution.

What Steps Are Involved in Chartering an Aircraft?

With the help of a broker, chartering an aircraft can be incredinbly easy. Especially when you are utilising over 50 years of company experience in the aviation industry.

A brokerage should handle everything from sourcing and liaising with the operator. However, Euroflite goes a step further in making sure items such as permits are in order with an in-house OCC (Our sister company Jetflite – Aircraft Operator).

Once you are in the air and enjoing the views, a brokerage will then oversee your flight and be on call to assist throughout its duration.

So what is the first step? Stop one is simply getting in touch. But, there are key bits of information to remember so that the process of finding your aircraft solution is as smooth as possible.

  • Date of flights (one way, return or multiple legs)
  • Departure and arrivals destinations
  • Number of passengers (reffered to as PAX)
  • Reason for flying is always beneficial (family trip, business meeting, music tour, sporting event, transporting passengers to a cruise departure etc.)
  • Any special requests you’d like to make (catering, champagne, FBO’s)
  • Any aircraft preferences you may have (size or model)
  • If you have a budget in mind or have travelled the route before, its always good to mention in your enquiry

This information will help determine the type of aircraft and flight crew you need for your travel. From here, your broker will source the most appropriate and available charter solutions for you and provide you with a quotation. If you accept one of the offers, the preperations begin.

Please note that most charter offers are subject to availabilty (for example; the aircraft may not be available on your dates of your travel when you decide to book if you decided the week after), subject to slots and permits and possibly weather conditions.

Why Choose a Charter Brokerage Instead of Operator?

Charter flights can be arranged either directly through the operator or through a broker such as Euroflite. When you charter an aircraft through a broker, you benefit from a number of advantages. But most notably, convenience. We are sure you have read the line on most brokerage website before but it is true, we have access to thousands of charter globally. We all use the same tools to source aircraft, but we all have different relationships, different standards, safety ratings and industry experience. The amount of time it would take a client to call all of the operators that we have access to in a few moments is not comparible. And your time is your most valuable asset. Therefore brokerages, such as Euroflite handle all of the sourcing and complexities that you and your team may not have the time for.

We have mentioned Safety a few times – And it comes in many forms: an experienced air broker will have safety accreditations from respected organisations and will have internal standards to meet when sourcing an aircraft. For example at Euroflite, we regularly undergo audits where we have to demonstarte that we are only sourcing from operators than can provide specific documents, details and accreditaions related to their operation. This gives our customers reassurance that we are meeting the highest safety practices possible and also not facilititating illegal charters.

An experienced Air Charter Brokerage will have fantastic relationships with many operators gloablly, the FBO’s that you will use, caterers and even the flight crews themselves.

7 Steps You Need to Take to Charter an Aircraft:

  1. Initial Inquiry
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Proposal / Quote
  4. Agreement and Contract
  5. Confirmation and Documentation
  6. Pre-Flight Coordination
  7. Flight Execution

Are You Ready to Fly?

The best time to contact us at Euroflite for a quote is 2-4 months before your departure. This is the best way for us to ensure that your flight is cost-effective and meets your every need and wish. However, don’t worry if you require a charter flight on a tighter schedule. Over the years we have implemented flights where we talk about days or even hours. Start here with a quote request.