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Ensuring Safe and Hassle-Free Air Travel for Sports TeamsSports Team to Switzerland

Sports teams often require special arrangements when it comes to air travel. With tight schedules, multiple destinations, and considerations for athletes’ nutrition and recovery, coordination and communication are essential for a successful journey.

This case study highlights how we provided a customized and safe travel solution for a sports team, taking into account their specific needs and prioritizing hygiene and safety measures.

Client’s Needs

The client approached us with specific requirements for their sports team’s travel arrangements, which involved various countries and cities. The client emphasized the importance of hygiene, considering the athletes’ health and the need to avoid unnecessary encounters during travel. With a short and intense competition season, missing competitions due to travel issues could be problematic. Therefore, the client’s primary need was to ensure the safety and well-being of the athletes while minimizing the risk of infections.

Quick Arrangements with Special Requests

We provided a fast solution to meet the client’s needs and ensure a smooth sports team transfer. Here’s a timeline of the process:

3 days before departure: We received the request from the client and initiated the preparation of the flight. This involved arranging suitable aircraft and providing an offer to the client.

2 days before departure: We confirmed the flight and started preparation of services. All crew were sent to COVID-19 testing.

Departure: We disinfected the aircraft before departure. Receipt of all COVID-19 test results and operation of the flight.

Customized Safety Measures

We were able to provide a tailored service package to meet the client’s needs and ensure safe air travel for the sports team. The safety measures included:

Customized Pick-up and Drop-off

We arranged the team pickups from the aircraft by bus, eliminating the need for unnecessary encounters in the terminal. This ensured that the athletes could travel safely and minimize the risk of infections.

VIP Lounge Usage and Special Terminal Routes

In cases where team pickups by bus were not possible due to the size of the group, we made arrangements for the team to use VIP lounges or other special routes in the terminal. This helped in maintaining social distancing and avoiding crowded areas.

Aircraft Disinfection 

We ensured that the aircraft used for the team’s travel was thoroughly disinfected before departure, providing a clean and safe environment for the athletes during the flight.

Crew Health and Safety

We took measures to ensure the health and safety of the flight crew by testing them beforehand and ensuring that they were healthy when boarding started.

Food and Diet Requirements

We made sure that the athletes’ diet requirements were not interrupted during transport by providing covers on food to deter contamination. This helped in maintaining the athletes’ nutrition plans, which are crucial for their performance.

Communication and Information

We prioritized communication with the client to address any changes or uncertainties in the travel restrictions, ensuring that the team was well-informed and stress-free during their journey. This helped in avoiding misinformation and added convenience for the client.


Our customized service package, tailored to the specific needs of the sports team, ensured safe and hassle-free air travel. By implementing various safety measures, such as customized pick-up and drop-off, VIP lounge usage, aircraft disinfection, crew health and safety measures, food and diet requirements, and effective communication, we provided a reliable and secure solution for the client’s air charter needs. The team was able to travel with peace of mind, knowing that their health and safety were prioritized throughout the journey.

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