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Streamlining Logistics and Creating Unforgettable Moments for BandsElevating Charter Flight Experiences for Bands

Discover how Euroflite and EVENTLOG service concept revolutionises the logistics of charter flights for bands and events. Through a real-life case study set at the renowned Flow Festival in Helsinki, witness how our expertise and collaboration ensure seamless transportation, on-site coordination, and an exceptional experience for bands.

The Flow Festival in Helsinki is renowned for its breathtaking performances, captivating visual effects, and impressive stage productions. We recognise the significance of such events and work in close collaboration with JetLogistics and EVENTLOG, a comprehensive service concept designed to enhance the logistics of charter flights for bands and events. In this case study, we will demonstrate how our expertise, combined with the spirit of the Flow Festival, can elevate your charter flight operations and deliver extraordinary moments for your bands.

Introducing EVENTLOG: All-round Solution For Event Logistics

EVENTLOG is a service concept specifically tailored to address the unique needs of logistics and charter flights for bands and events. Wihuri Aviation comprises Jetflite (private jet operator), Euroflite (group charter operator), and JetLogistics (cargo and logistics services). Together, these services form the EVENTLOG concept. This collaboration ensures that every aspect of your charter flight, from transportation to on-site coordination, is seamlessly executed to perfection.

If you aim to provide an exceptional experience for your bands, a key part of that experience is the smooth and efficient transportation of artists and their equipment. EVENTLOG is designed to take the stress out of logistics.

Elevating Band Charter Flights – From Oslo to Helsinki for Flow Festival

A renowned band, known for their captivating lead vocalist and the mesmerising power of her emotive voice, was about to conclude their European Tour with a highly anticipated performance at Flow Festival Helsinki 2022. Their music, characterised by intricate instrumentation and dynamic arrangements, is known for its ability to create an immersive and dramatic experience for their audience. Renowned for their energetic and theatrical live shows, this band had fostered a dedicated fan base and gained widespread recognition. Their music possessed an undeniable quality that resonated with individuals globally from diverse backgrounds, evoking a range of emotions and leaving a lasting impact.

Our task was to arrange seamless transportation of the band members and their hefty load of performance gear from Oslo to Helsinki. Following their Friday night show in Oslo, it was crucial to ensure a smooth and timely transfer, enabling the headliner band to perform at their Saturday gig in Helsinki Flow Festival.

To cater to the band’s transportation needs, we arranged a Challenger business jet, ready to depart on Saturday afternoon. The jet provided a comfortable and exclusive travel experience for the 11 band members, ensuring their well-being during the two-hour flight from Oslo to Helsinki. Tailor-made catering service was provided to meet their exact requirements.

Additionally, our dedicated representative from JetLogistics was present on-site in Oslo, overseeing every aspect of the performance gear logistics. Following the conclusion of the Friday night gig, the Antonov 22 aircraft efficiently transported the band’s valuable cargo to Helsinki. Upon arrival, two semitailors were positioned, ready to receive the hefty load directly from the aircraft. The trucks promptly conveyed the equipment to the Flow Festival backstage area, ensuring its swift and secure delivery. Read more about Jetlogistic’s part of the case.

We successfully enabled them to conclude their European Tour with a remarkable performance at Flow Festival Helsinki 2022.

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