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EVENTLOG and one tour in Europe

We all have been to concerts or events where we have admired the breathtaking experience. You have praised the music, visual effects, the sheer size of the stage, and impressiveness. All that appeared in a moment and was gone the next day. Then it popped up somewhere else!

We can proudly say that we are behind it. Alright, in some cases, to be more exact. Now you may be surprised; you are on a group air charter website, after all. For that reason is the time to pull a card from our sleeve: the all-around service concept EVENTLOG.


Affiliate companies Euroflite, Jetflite, and JetLogistics, have formed a service concept to cater to event logistics. It’s named short and sweet: EVENTLOG.

Together we have the advantage of having all the crucial steps in our control:

  • Own aircraft and personnel
  • Nominated partners for ground and sea transportation, and
  • Extensive experience coordinating logistics for exhibitions, conferences, music festivals, sporting events, trade fairs, etc.

Our services range from a particular project at a single event to coordinating and executing a full-season “all-inc” service for a concert tour. We operate globally and across all modes of transport.

Why is EVENTLOG Important?

Remember never to count your chickens before they hatch. In the case, we are about to showcase next (transporting a headliner band from Oslo to Helsinki), there was a minor incident with ground transportation trucks. The incident required safety check measures to be taken to confirm that the transportation was good to go with the original vehicles.

What would happen without a person on the premises when something like this happens? Suddenly you are faced with a situation you didn’t plan or need, and that fits not your schedule. What level would your blood pressure be in such a situation?

It is easier for everyone to have timely information 24/7. An actual person there, keeping up with communications and ensuring there is no room for misconceptions.

When you think of the entire process of setting up an event, you realize how many details there are to think through. With a service solution like EVENTLOG, you can stop worrying and let our team do our work with the knowledge of the three different companies, decades of experience in aviation & logistics, and long partnerships with the network of partners.

Case Story: Headliner From Oslo to Helsinki

There was a need to get a group of people (band members & staff) + a hefty load of performance gear from Oslo to Helsinki. In this case, we partnered with our affiliate company JetLogistics, who are experts in cargo and logistics.

Work distribution was logical: we took care of the people, and JetLogistics took care of 10 000 kg (60 m³) of goods. The customer’s responsibility was to answer questions; what, when, where, and how many. For the rest, one single point of contact made sure the entire process was seamless and convenient from start to finish in the client’s eyes.

JetLogistics contact person was live on the premises in Oslo, ensuring everything went smoothly. It is beneficial to have somebody taking charge of the overall situation on site. Someone to ensure that misconceptions do not arise, and if they do, they are promptly addressed.

The on-premises person:

  • handled local customs procedures
  • arranged the terminal check-in and check-out procedures for the incoming and departing cargo
  • took care of all the meetings with all associated partners (like the trucking company)
  • planned everything in advance
  • handled all the paperwork, and
  • got the ‘green lights’ to proceed at every checkpoint.

It would have been much more complicated to organize without the contact person on the premises. And trust us when we say; something always tends to happen that wasn’t in the original plan.

The turnkey solution from Wihuri Aviation

We hope this blog either opened your eyes or made you feel at ease, and we don’t mind if it did both. With EVENTLOG, we, Jetflite, and JetLogistics can arrange your touring or transportation challenges into a solution where you don’t need to stress if everything will be in place at the right time, whatever the circumstances.

Whether it is exhibitions, conferences, music festivals, sporting events, road shows, or trade fairs, you name it, we execute it. We operate globally and across all modes of transport. Our services can range from a particular project at a single event to coordinating and executing a full-season “all-inc” service for a concert tour.

We offer you flexibility, transparency, and peace of mind.

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