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Staff transport, also where no commercial flights are available
Ensuring Smooth Employee Air Transfers

Transfers of essential employees are highly relevant for the functioning of many businesses. For this reason, special care and attention should be attributed to their travel planning.

Employee air transfers are critical for the functioning of many businesses, and careful planning and coordination are essential to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. This case study highlights how we successfully arranged an employee transfer from China to Europe during a time when no scheduled nonstop flights were available. By providing efficient and personalized services, we ensured that the staff arrived at their destinations on time and with their luggage, prioritizing their safety and convenience.

Client’s Needs

The client approached us with a request for employee transfer from China to Europe during a period when commercial flights were not available. The client emphasized the importance of timely and reliable travel arrangements for their essential employees, considering the permits and possible quarantine requirements. The client required a quick and efficient solution to ensure that their staff could travel safely and reach their destinations on time.

Quick and Efficient Solution

We provided a customized solution to meet the client’s unique needs and ensure a smooth employee transfer. Here’s a timeline of the process:

7 days before departure: We received the request from the client and initiated the preparation of the flight. This involved arranging suitable aircraft and providing a competitive offer to the client, prioritizing cost-effectiveness.

6 days before departure: We confirmed the flight and prepared the necessary services. Multiple aircraft were confirmed to ensure that the staff could travel directly to their destinations in Europe without any layovers or delays.

Departure day: We closely monitored the departure process from their offices, ensuring that all passengers boarded the aircraft on time. They also provided assistance to staff with any required permits and ensured that all baggage, including oversized/heavy items, were loaded onto the aircraft. The staff arrived at their destinations in Europe as planned, with their luggage intact.

Considerations for Employee Transfers

We have highlighted some important considerations for employee transfers, including the need for permits or political negotiations for large groups of travelers, and the importance of managing all necessary documentation and permits to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for the employees.


Our efficient and personalized services ensured a smooth employee transfer for the client, despite the challenges of no available commercial flights. By providing a customized solution, timely coordination, and attention to details, we prioritized the safety and convenience of the staff, making their travel experience hassle-free. If you require employee air transfers or have any questions, we are ready to assist.

Please reach out to us if you have questions or would like us to arrange your travel for staff transport.