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How is the charter rate calculated?

Charter flight: Pure luxury and something for the most wealthy ones? Prices so high that only the most affluent can pay? These may be the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of chartering an aircraft.

Or maybe you have already heard that a charter flight might not be expensive? Now that charter flights are available to new customers, it’s time to take a closer look at pricing: What influences the charter rate, and how is the total price formed?

What factors affect the price the most?

Everything starts with the route you want to take. It affects the amount of fuel, the choice of aircraft, and crew working hours. Fuel is the most significant cost factor currently.

The total price includes the operator charge and a commission for Euroflite’s services.

The operator charge, meaning the rent of the aircraft, consists of:

  • Operative costs, including fuel, landing permits, ground services, handling, etc.
  • Maintenance cost
  • Crew cost
  • Insurances
  • Overhead cost

Costs can be reduced by contracting aircraft based close to the departure airport. It is worthwhile noting that parking the aircraft at your destination for the duration of the trip incurs costs. Some operators elect to move the aircraft during your stay, while others will remain at the destination depending on demand.

How much does a charter flight cost?

It would be nice if we could estimate the cost of a charter flight in advance. Unfortunately, that is impossible for the reasons we have noted above. All operative expenses are variable, the demand for the aircraft is different on a daily basis, and availabilities vary.

Of course, years of experience give us a certain understanding. Euroflite operates with charter flights daily, and we can estimate the price at a rough level. We can also provide you with information about your budget and how it compares to your needs.

Do not hesitate to call us; we are happy to help when you start to plan your next, maybe the first charter flight!

No need to chase the lowest price with a good air broker

The air broker’s work is often invisible and fast-paced. There are two reasons for that: the customer’s part is solely to tell us what they need and then enjoy their travel later, and the air broker handles everything in between.

The other reason is the early bird advantage. Euroflite draws on Wihuri Aviation’s decades of experience and knows where to call first. We provide only aircraft that are safety accredited and offer a qualitative and robust product to our clients.

Group air charter is sometimes related to tight schedules, and those are the situations that Euroflite is known for. If you send a quote on Wednesday evening, we will handle and deliver an offer for you in 24 hours. And if you call us early in the morning, the aircraft can be with you in the sky even on the same day!

It is good to know that the air charter cost is available to you more quickly in the winter; It is possible to have the price within a day. In the summer, it can take even several, but depending on the urgency, we will try to expedite your offer. Remember that reaching out to us is worthwhile 2-4 months before your required departure date. At that point, our airline partners know their schedules and can offer the best rates.

As a customer, you get what you want

At Euroflite, meeting the customer’s expectations is taken seriously. It means we do not work with the price-first method. We rely on operators that we have found reliable during previous years and decades. As a result of the cooperation, we can assure you the flight ordered from us is delivered the way you expect.

So, you decide if you want your trip to be luxurious, simple, convenient, or the most relaxing. With Euroflite, you only pay for the amenities that fulfill your travel requirements, and our selection for them is vast. We have collected information about the most ordered services in one place; please have a look.

Most important is the trip

Euroflite wants to take your group where others might not, even when the circumstances make travel challenging. You can travel with your company to a destination near a particular customer. A group of family and friends traveling to a remote destination or your sports team touring with several stops: let us take you there.

Our pleasure is to ensure your trip is private, efficient, and relaxing, just the way you want. We will ensure to fulfill all your needs so that you do not need to worry about a thing, even the cost.

Contact us with any questions at any time. We can also warmly recommend reading the essential Travel Checklist for successfully planning air charter flights.