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First things first: Safety in air charter

The word ‘safety’ can mean different things to different people. Some of us fear flying, and for some, the reasons for privacy relate to safety. For some groups, it is not enough that the flight is safe, but also how the travel affects the following weeks. An athlete has to recover before the next performance or game; otherwise, the possibility of injuries increases.

At Euroflite, safety has been taken very seriously since day one. Our customers are why we work and serving and completing their needs thrives us forward.

With a high-quality air broker, flying is always safe

According to accident statistics, flying is the safest way of traveling. When we travel daily to work, the grocery store, and so on, nobody thinks how likely it is to reach the destination without an accident.

But it is not that simple; every plane is safe only when handled professionally and according to safety measures. At Euroflite, this means that we only work with certain operators who share the same standards as us.

Euroflite co-operates with the fleet of a sister company, Jetflite, and with a group of other selected air operators. Each implements several measures to secure the safety of its fleet, crew, and passengers.

The pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance staff are trained to operate different aircraft types, ensuring they are familiar with the procedures and pieces of equipment. Every time you use our services, the pilots, aircraft, and crew meet the regulations set by international aviation authorities, such as the European Aviation Agency (EASA).

How can the air broker affect safety?

Over the decades, we have found reliable partners to help us ensure air safety on every journey we organize for our customers. These trips include group air charters for cultural events, personnel logistics, and sports teams, to mention a few.

A good air operator like Euroflite’s sister company, Jetflite, actively renews its fleet, and their standard is to keep the fleet modern from one decade to another.

Euroflite can contribute to the choice of aircraft type; it should have enough room for people and luggage. The schedules should not be too tight and comply with route requirements.

Like the pilots have a standardized procedure before a flight, our work is in total control regarding safety. After thousands of flights, a routine has developed into our way of working, and there is not a thing we haven’t planned or checked before you enter the plane.

At the same time, we understand flying is not a joy for every person. With our warm and professional customer service, we want to ensure fearless and enjoyable travel for every passenger.

Safe flying with Euroflite

Safety is essential every time you travel, and in air charter, it is even one of the benefits: We think safety can never be overemphasized. You know the specialties you require for your travel, and with the experience of Euroflite, we can ensure safe and secure travel for you.

Air operators have several measures to help minimize the risk of accidents. When the air broker you choose co-operates with trusted air operators, you don’t need to worry but enjoy the experience. Euroflite ensures your travel just the way you want.

Do you want to know more about the way we work? Do you have questions concerning safety standards? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we discuss it with pleasure.