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Choosing a Chartered Flight for Your Sports Team’s Travel Needs
TOP 5 reasons to charter

TOP 5 reasons to choose a chartered flight for your sports team travel needs

Traveling with a sports team usually requires a lot of planning and preparation. Chartering an aircraft is the easiest and most flexible way to transport any group of people to virtually anywhere around the globe. Here are the TOP 5 reasons why chartered flights are the optimal choice for a sports team travel needs.

1. Saving Time

Time is precious and in many cases scarce when it comes to sports team travel. Travel schedules create pressure that many commercial aviation services and scheduled flights can’t release. With charter flights, you decide the schedule. Smoother procedures for security checks, baggage claim, and other details that come with the territory are also included. Direct flights, tailored schedules, and customised arrangements enable the travel experience to be seamless.

2. Comfort & Customisability

With chartered flights, just about anything is customisable. Catering choices, your aircraft type, in-flight services, destination, and schedules – you name it, it can be tailored for your ultimate convenience. Experienced chartered flight service providers will double-check that the plane type fits your travel needs (and all the travel gear) perfectly and that your flight route is optimal to reach your end destination.

3. Optimised for the Athletes

Sports teams have unique travel needs. There’s much to be considered and the well-being of athletes to be taken care of. Instead of settling for someone else’s schedule and plan, follow your own! Group air charter provides the opportunity for your travel needs to be met optimally. Nutritious meals, ample leg space, optimised schedule, and in all, travel conditions that support the overall well-being of the athletes. Travel together as a group, with services tailored specially for your group’s needs.

4 Privacy & Security

If it’s privacy and extra security you value, a chartered flight is the way to go. Aircraft charters enable better privacy for the team. Why you might ask?

With a chartered flight, your team has for example the opportunity to utilise flight time for private team meetings. Private terminal & private access ensures that the team avoids the crowds in public terminals, enabling your group to maintain a safe and healthy environment. There’s also the possibility for increased security arrangements for high-profile athletes and other VIPs.

5. Stress-free Travel Option

All these above-mentioned facts add up to a stress-free travel choice. You will have a dedicated point of contact who coordinates all travel details for you. All passenger information, changes, and special requests will be handled with high-quality service. Well, at least that’s the promise we make and deliver to our customers. Let us, as experienced group travel experts, handle all your group travel arrangements for you.

We are Euroflite, and we specialise in group air charter. We help our clients in planning group charters, select and tender operators, and make sure that your air travel needs are fulfilled.

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