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What to Consider When Choosing an Air Broker? 5 Important Features

Booking a group charter flight on your own can be challenging – and require a lot of work and time. There are many things to consider to ensure your charter flight meets the needs of your group. That’s why many people turn to a reliable air broker who can quickly and efficiently find a solution that meets their needs perfectly.

Finding the right air charter broker can take some time, but the result is worth the effort. By understanding your needs and getting to know the providers available, you can choose the right air broker for you and be confident about your choice. The relationship you build with your air broker will last and become more beneficial over time.

At Euroflite, we can tell you this from our own experience. In long-term relationships, we already know our customers’ needs, making it easier to find the perfect solution quickly. In turn, our customers enjoy easy and reliable cooperation with us, which allows them to concentrate on more important topics. We do our utmost to offer them only the best options, and that’s something they can always count on.

Choose the Air Charter Broker Who Flies a Million Miles to Provide You with High-quality Service

When looking for a suitable air charter broker partner, look, in particular, at these features:

  1. Experience
  2. Services they provide
  3. Operator and aircraft selection
  4. Commitment to clients
  5. Referrals and references

In the following sections, you will find more detailed information on what to look out for:

Experience Matters

The experience an air broker has gained over the years delivers benefits you can enjoy. An experienced air broker can quickly catch up with your assignment and offer you the best options to suit your needs at a moment’s notice – even at the last minute. They also know which airlines to favour and which to avoid. Thanks to the experience, your air broker will always be able to negotiate the best possible deal because they know how the industry and operators work.

Based on the experience, they will also be able to advise you on your choices to ensure that your charter flight is an experience that meets your needs.

Euroflite has arranged charter flights for multiple years. Together with our group companies, Wihuri Aviation has been an expert in the field for over 50 years. With us, you decide upon the most critical aspects of your group air travel – we’ll use our experience to craft them into a perfect experience.

Operator and Aircraft Selection

Not everyone’s needs are the same, so solutions are rarely identical. When choosing a partner, pay attention to the range of operators and available aircraft. An extensive fleet does not mean the broker can serve you with the actual plane you require.

Instead, try to investigate which airlines the broker works with. This is usually simply done by asking the broker or checking their website. For example, Euroflite has partnerships with many qualitative airlines in Northern and Central Europe and worldwide. We focus on using operators we have experience with, ensuring service delivery matches the contract.

Euroflite strives to arrange affordable, seamless air charter travel for any group, like private, government, corporate, and industry clients. You can enjoy modern commercial aircraft seating from 18 passengers to 300 and beyond with us.

Commitment – to You and Safety

Safety should be the top priority of every air broker. When an air broker is committed to safety, it seeks and offers charter flights to its customers only from certified and approved operators. For private jet operators, this certification can be proven by safety auditors (ARGUS InternationalWyvern), whereas commercial airlines should have an IATA certification (IOSA). Your air broker will prove that your charter flight’s equipment and crew meet safety requirements.

Choose an air broker who is also committed to you. A good air broker will go the extra mile to ensure perfect travel – covering the total experience. You should be able to communicate swiftly and effortlessly with your air broker and get answers to your questions. In addition, a dedicated air broker will keep you up to date with the charter flight you have purchased and ensure that everything goes as agreed.

We never compromise on the most crucial thing for Euroflite: Safety. We will never offer a charter flight that does not meet our safety standards. As well as safety, we are the partner our customers can turn to for all their charter flight needs – whether it’s a very urgent schedule, a flight to a C-class airport, or a large group. Our customers can contact us anytime, as our charter service includes round-the-clock customer service. We communicate with our customers and keep them up to date with all flight-related events.

Positive Referrals and References

The word is fast and carries a lot of weight. Check online to see what kind of reviews you can find about air brokers. You can always ask for references. In particular, ask what kind of cases the operator has handled related to your industry or your demands. Remember, however, that some clients prefer to maintain their privacy, which is why your air broker may not always be able to mention exact names or companies. Find out about different customer experiences on our website.

Services They Provide

Not all air brokers offer the same service coverage, and not all customers benefit from the same service coverage. So take a look at the options and see what suits you. At Euroflite, for example, we are more than just a charter flight provider. We provide our customers with the necessary in-flight services, airport services, and a wide range of special arrangements, from baggage arrangements to customizing the interior and exterior of the aircraft. We can also arrange ground transportation. We often say we are our customers’ one-stop-shop for all group travel needs.

Is It Beneficial to Use Multiple Air Charter Brokers at the Same Time?

Using several air charter brokers simultaneously is often not beneficial to your end price and product. It is easy to think that if you ask for a quote from several air charter brokers, you might get a cheaper quote from one than another. In reality, however, this may even be disadvantageous.

But why? Let us explain it in more detail: If you go out and request rates from multiple brokers, they will go to the market with the request. If the same bid is on the market, airlines often tend to avoid quoting it as it is viewed as price shopping with no commitment. At the same time, it forces brokers to get the lowest possible rate to compete with others, which will undoubtedly cause a lower service quality. Often very similar, if not identical, rates can be achieved using one broker with a vast network.

Choosing one good air charter broker and building a long-lasting relationship is recommendable. Once you know how your air broker operates and the air broker is aware of your needs, the cooperation will grow smoothly and effortlessly.

Euroflite – a one-stop-shop for All Group Charter Needs

At Wihuri Group, we have enabled group air charters according to the wishes and requirements of our customers for over 50 years. We have not been deterred by seemingly impossible schedules, large groups, or unusual travel gear, nor have we found remote or inaccessible destinations to be a problem – quite the opposite.

Euroflite has access to a worldwide charter fleet through our extensive network, and you can check here our aircraft portfolio.

Just buying a seat rarely makes a trip perfect. We have gathered the services available in one place, and you can ask for more information when submitting a quote.

When does a charter flight make sense? We have collected examples of authentic trips and articles to give you ideas and tips for your travel.

Contact us with any questions right away. We can also warmly recommend reading our essential travel checklist for successful planning.