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“The New Normal” in Private Aviation and Group Air Charter

Aviation faced a sudden and major change when a global pandemic broke out in 2020. Several countries closed their borders and disrupted normally scheduled air services. People became extremely wary of any kind of close contact. Waiting in a crowded airport and sitting side by side with strangers for hours no longer felt safe.

Compared to autumn 2019, air travel experienced a drop of 96% in 2020. Now tourism and air travel have slowly started to recover but the two-year-long period of lockdowns and caution has also brought more permanent changes in private aviation – a new normal.

Flying private – more of a necessity than only luxury

With the limited and uncertain availability of regularly scheduled flights during the pandemic, and health risks being high, more and more business groups, sports teams, and individuals have started to look for alternatives to scheduled flights to meet their needs. Group air charter has proven to be a viable solution for many, providing a safe and secure means of reaching their destination.

Demand for charter flights has increased, especially among new customers. Many people who previously did not feel the need for the luxury of charter flights have tried flying private in the last two years. Turning to private flights has been a natural solution as scheduled airlines have struggled to adapt to a severe drop in customer numbers, having to close several routes, make constant changes to flights and face sudden cancellations. Private flights are no longer simply a luxury but have grown in importance as an enabling, flexible and safe way to travel. People have started to see it as more of a necessity than only a luxury choice.

Private aviation has no signs of a fall in demand

The role of first-timers to air charter services has played a significant part in the growth of demand for private aviation. Before the pandemic, private aviation was used on average by only 10 % of those who could afford it. In addition that the aircraft charter has enabled the necessary traveling, many people have discovered the many benefits of group air charter that they had not felt necessary or worth the money before trying. Research shows that private flights are now used by more than 75 % of those who can afford them.

According to WingX’s Global Market Tracker data, the start of the year in the angle of business aviation has been promising. Business jet operations for the first ten days of 2022 rose by 38 % over 2021. In Europe, business jet traffic jumped 53 % over last year (2021).

Recognizing all the benefits of flying private has made customers consider and compare whether it is more profitable to book business class tickets for a group on a scheduled flight or simply charter the whole aircraft. According to Private Jet Card Comparisons Subscriber Survey, 53 % of new private aviation users say that they “will continue to fly privately regularly after the pandemic is over”, and 47 % say they “will fly privately once in a while after the pandemic is over”. What is interesting is none of the respondents intended to stop flying private after the pandemic was over.

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