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In cases of accidents or natural disasters, we offer humanitarian aid and emergency response charter services around the world at short notice. Such emergency response charter flights can be, for example, evacuation flights due to local unrest or medical repatriation with accredited private jets with a full medical team onboard.

Emergency Response Charter Flights

During a natural disaster or for example a pandemic, we are very agile and flexible when it comes to humanitarian emergency response flights. We have two fully equipped, EURAMI-accredited ambulance business jets at our disposal, with a full aeromedical team on standby 24/7. We organize emergency response aircraft charters for NGOs, governments, and humanitarian agencies all around the world.

In the event of an emergency, when time is of the essence, we deliver on-demand responses following natural disasters, at times of political unrest, in hostile situations, and in the workplace and business-related emergencies. Our services include specialist personnel deployment, evacuation and repatriation for individuals and groups, medevac and air ambulance charters.