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Introducing Euroflite’s Head of Unit: Mikko Keso

Today, we turn our spotlight on Mikko Keso, the Head of Unit at Euroflite. Mikko has been an invaluable member of the Wihuri Aviation team for the past five years, initially joining as Jetflite Business Development Manager and gradually changing to a more prominent role within Euroflite.

Before his journey with Euroflite, Keso had an extensive background in event organization, professional sports and sports management. In 2018, he stumbled upon a job advertisement for Jetflite, piquing his interest and prompting him to apply. However, the road to securing the position was not a straightforward one. Keso found himself in competition with another highly qualified applicant, ultimately resulting in his initial exclusion from the vacant role.

Undeterred by this setback, Keso patiently waited. Six months later, the phone rang, and the voice on the other end offered him a place at Jetflite. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Keso shares, “I didn’t have a personal aviation background, but our family has deep roots in the industry. That’s where my passion for aviation stemmed from.”

When he’s not working diligently at Euroflite, Mikko Keso resides with his family in Kirkkonummi, a commune close to Helsinki that some people refer to as the commune of happy people. Keso’s close-knit family has always been deeply connected to the aviation field, further fueling his fascination with the industry.

Initially joining Jetflight in 2018, Keso embraced the role of Business Development Manager. However, as time passed, he discovered himself increasingly drawn to Euroflite. While the market dynamics dictated this shift, it turned out to be an incredibly fulfilling progression for him. Gradually, Keso’s focus shifted more and more towards Euroflite, where he thrived.

So, what does Mikko’s job at Euroflite entail? As the Head of Unit, he faces diverse challenges every day. Typically, a customer will reach out to Keso, detailing their aircraft requirements. From that point onward, Keso takes charge, overseeing everything from the tendering and licensing processes to catering to the specific needs of the customer.

In recent weeks, we’ve been diligently searching for various aircraft and helicopters to meet our customers’ unique requirements. On one occasion, a client called at 6:32 a.m., and within 20 minutes, we had the helicopter booked.” 

Keso competes in the market to secure the aircraft that best aligns with the customer’s needs while ensuring they receive the best value for their money. Additionally, he handles all aspects of the client’s trip, including aircraft procurement, catering, and coordinating ground transportation to and from the airport.

Mikko finds his job both fascinating and demanding, but the rewards are unquestionably worth it. When asked about the best part of his role, he enthusiastically replies, “Seeing a satisfied customer after a flight we’ve arranged is incredibly fulfilling. Moreover, I thrive on the ambitious growth goals we have set. I believe in embracing challenges and going the extra mile to achieve success.”

Mikko Keso’s journey from Jetflight to Euroflite showcases the opportunities for growth and personal development within Wihuri Aviation. His unwavering dedication and passion for the aviation industry exemplify the values that define our company and make us proud of our exceptional team members like Mikko.

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