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Introducing Euroflite’s Head of Humanitarian, Aid, & Relief: Pauli Immonen

In late 2023, Pauli Immonen joined Wihuri Aviation as the Head of Humanitarian, Aid and Relief. We are thrilled to welcome him and look forward to the enhancements he will bring to our humanitarian work. Pauli’s journey in aviation and humanitarian aid is truly inspiring.

Pauli is a dual citizen of Finland and Switzerland and currently resides near Geneva, Switzerland, where he has lived for most of his life. His unique life story bridges continents, cultures, and critical global needs.

Throughout his career, Pauli has held various positions within international NGOs, the Red Cross and United Nations and served as a professional pilot flying in aid in Africa and commercially in Europe. A significant part of Pauli’s career involves working in regions with different cultural and religious backgrounds such as Sudan, Pakistan and Mongolia. This experience has given him a deep understanding of the logistical and operational challenges involved in delivering aid across diverse countries, cultures or terrains. It has honed his skills not only in expertly navigating aircraft or supply-chains but also in navigating the complex ecosystems of international aid. He understands the needs and dynamics of humanitarian work.

Having worked as an NGO pilot in East Africa or as VP in an MD-11 cargo airline or as an aviation consultant for WFP/WHO, my career has been deeply enriching. It has allowed me to develop expertise across various roles in organisations and aviation.

The transition to Wihuri Aviation was a natural step for him, driven by a desire to continue his impactful work in a similar way. The work allows him to tailor services to the specific needs of not-for-profit organisations, a facet of the job he finds particularly rewarding. The ability to offer a comprehensive suite of services, from chartering aircraft to managing cargo, passenger or even combi operations, presents both challenges and opportunities for innovation and growth. He sees the potential for developing new products and expanding the company’s reach in the humanitarian sector and also bringing added environmental sustainability in the sector.

Now, in my current role, I can apply this knowledge practically with hands-on work through which I aim to contribute to humanitarian aid through aviation. This journey reflects not only a commitment to mastering my craft but also a dedication to leveraging these skills for the greater good, demonstrating how aviation can be a powerful tool in supporting humanitarian needs.

Pauli’s commitment to ethical, reliable, and compliant operations aligns closely with the core values of humanitarian organisations. His dedication to effectively delivering aid, whether transporting cargo to conflict zones or aid workers to disaster areas, underscores the importance of trust, safety, and understanding the specific needs of each mission. His ability to provide tailor-made solutions, combining various transport modes to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of aid, exemplifies his innovative and responsive approach that defines Pauli’s contribution to the field.

Pauli Immonen’s role at Wihuri Aviation is more than a job; it’s a calling. Each flight planned and mission executed contributes to a larger purpose of providing relief and support to those in need. It is a passion for making a difference.

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