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Air Charter Process – What Happens Behind the Curtain?

You want to charter a flight for your group? You should reach out to an air broker. The air broker will identify your needs, find quotes from the market, choose the most suitable option, and set off.

Efficient and flexible, isn’t it? But have you ever wondered what happens on the other side of the table? We will now open the process step by step to help you better understand what happens between requesting the quote and the accepted offer.

We Take Care of the Tendering for You

Before the Agreement:

Six steps will take the process towards the signature of the agreement at Euroflite:

  1. The customer reaches out to us with a quote request.
  2. We review the call for tenders received and check that it contains all the required information.
  3. We source an aircraft from our pool of audited operators and find the best match to the customer’s demand.
  4. We offer the customer the options.
  5. The customer will get back to us with their choice of the options offered.
  6. The customer signs an Air Charter Agreement with us.

The process starts the moment when the customer contacts us. We receive contacts usually via email, phone, and website. Our customers can contact us anytime; Our 24 / 7 customer service takes orders and responds to queries day and night. Once the customer service team has processed a request, it transfers to our desk by the next day.

We examine the request we got from the customer and check that it contains all the information we need. We will contact the customer if we need more information.

Once we have the information, we search over 50 operators to find the aircraft that best meets our customer’s needs. We always offer at least one option, but in most cases, the customer will receive a choice of a few best-fit options.

The customer examines our options and returns to us after choosing the one that suits them best. If none of the options work for the client, we check our request and look for further options that would match the client’s needs. We then sign an Air Charter Agreement or similar contract with the customer, depending on the operator selected.

After the Agreement:

Once the contract is signed, we’ll take care of the rest:

  1. We ensure that we have received all necessary information from the client for the flight.
  2. We will keep up to date and discuss all essential issues with the customer and airline.
  3. Customers can request alterations on passenger numbers, timings, or catering after the contract has been signed.

We always keep our customers up to date with everything they need to know or discuss their flight, so there’s no need to worry about surprises just before the flight.

At this stage, you still have the flexibility to make changes to your flight details, and we will sort them out. We will also ensure that all the necessary information and documentation have been collected from our customers. This allows our customers to arrive at the airport and board the plane without any additional adjustments at the airport.

Your Provider for All Charter Flight Needs

You decide upon the most important aspects of your group air travel – we’ll craft them into a perfect experience.

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