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Aircraft charters enable the whole team to fly together according to your own schedule.  

Group Air Charter for Sports teams

Charter flight is a stress-free solution for your team. We assist in selecting the aircraft for your needs from various private jets and airliners for teams and traveling fans. Charter flights offer a wider range of flight destinations than commercial flights, so we can get your team closer to their end destination. Private terminal access whenever possible ensures that the team avoids the crowds in terminals, enabling your group to maintain a safe and healthy social distance in a controlled environment, in accordance with government, national and international guidelines.

Customizable Charter for Sports teams

Travel schedules are usually very tight and there is no extra time to rest and recover. With a charter flight, you are able to plan departure and arrival so that traveling is comfortable for the whole team. We also offer flexible departure times after games and events, if you want to travel right after.

You can customize your team’s travel experience with specific catering for their dietary requirements. 

We have in-depth experiences working with a wide range of different sports teams, like football, handball, basketball, ice hockey, and ski teams.