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Group Air Charter for Family Vacations

One of the best things about chartering an aircraft is its flexibility to operate in many circumstances. It’s also easily adaptable for families. In the current environment, chartering offers a very safe way of traveling, whether it be for a couple’s getaway or a special family celebration, where tens of passengers can travel together.

Group Air Charter for Private Customers

We provide affordable, seamless travel arrangements for private clients, families, and groups. Enjoy modern commercial aircraft seating for 30 passengers or more. Whether it be a BBJ/ACJ, an airliner with full Economy/Business seating, or a divided seating arrangement, we can deliver according to our customers’ specifics. With a wide range of aircraft available, from turbo propellers and regional jets to narrow-body and VIP/BBJ/ACJ aircraft, we are in the position to deliver safe and convenient traveling, avoiding the hassle of large main terminals and crowds upon request. Travel to locations where commercial aircraft do not fly with your own aircraft and schedule.

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