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Business travel on an airliner

Who is Group Air Charter for?

The focus is on you, our client!

With access to the world’s entire charter fleet, we offer our clients the aircraft of their choice and additional related services. Our total focus is on arranging customized flights for our customers, ensuring they will receive what they need while never paying for more. We look for the most suitable solutions on the market considering the request for aircraft specifications and group size. Working with different budgets, our selection of aircraft ranges from economy seating to VIP configurations.

Our services include sourcing the aircraft, aircraft operator security screening, contracts, catering, airport representation, special requests, overflight permits, and ground transfer.

Customers using these services come from the following organizations:

  • Corporate and industry organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Sports teams
  • Private persons

We can arrange group charter flights all around the world, with a Nordic touch.

Having been in the aviation business for over 50 years, our experienced flight crew works with the market’s best aircraft operators.

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